The Fertility Partnership


The Fertility Partnership helps people through the devastating impact of discovering they can’t conceive naturally. For many, the way forward involves IVF, and a quarter of all treatments start with a donated egg. But the UK doesn’t have enough egg donors. And because women don’t know there’s a shortage, they’re not signing up to donate.

The Fertility Partnership


We started a dialogue around egg donation by commissioning renowned artist Stuart Semple to stage a public art event. Giant-sized balloon sculptures were created and unveiled simultaneously in six UK cities. Passing women were gifted valuable, limited-edition balloons, before being invited to give them away to a stranger. This simple act of generosity transformed Semple’s balloon artwork into a powerful metaphor for egg donation, helping women consider doing it for real.

Our first pregnancy

a direct result of this campaign
The Fertility Partnership

37,000 people visited a dedicated microsite for more information, 4,000 women were screened, 435 submitted their details to become a donor, and 185 eggs were collected. But the biggest stat of them all? Our first pregnancy, a direct result of this campaign.


eggs were collected


unique website visits


women were screened


submitted their details
to become a donor