Change Gout


Even amongst healthcare professionals, gout is known as a lifestyle disease that causes intermittent bouts of pain in fingers and toes. In fact it is a disease of crystal deposition that causes serious consequences for the whole body. Unfortunately, these crystals are hard to see. And when something is hard to see, it’s easy to ignore.

Change Gout


An audacious life-sized science experiment used the chemical process underpinning gout to crystallise a three-dimensional patient scaffold, creating a dramatic visual representation of the condition that’s impossible to ignore. Benedict Redgrove shot the advertising campaign, an immersive online experience let users explore a digital version of the model, and an interactive documentary contained hidden hotspots that led to deeper information.


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Change Gout

This engaging campaign captured the imaginations of healthcare professionals across the world, exposing the truth about this misunderstood condition and making gout crystal clear.


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