Our proprietary clinical trial patient recruitment referral platform, Publicis Loop Live!, is now being used across the globe. Developed in collaboration with Publicis Health and Publicis.Sapient, with input from several key clients, the platform supports and optimises every step of the clinical trial enrolment process. Recognising the critical need for data integrity, Publicis Loop Live! Uses Salesforce Shield encryption technology to secure, protect, and store patient information.

Mark Evans, Innovation Director, said “In a time where trust and transparency of use of personal data is at the forefront, Loop presents a clear way for sponsors and investigators to identify which factors are working and which aren’t at every step of the recruitment journey, while ensuring patients know exactly where and how their data is being collected, that it is being kept securely and used to help find the right clinical study for them.”

Designed to integrate with third party vendors, and even our competitors, Loop Live! gives sponsors the flexibility to respond to the constantly changing landscape of patient recruitment by providing information on the efficiency of each media channel employed in outreach campaigns.

This marks the first step in a series of future innovations based on the platform, all of which will be announced in the coming months.

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