We’re thrilled to announce that Langland’s Annie Kimber (Copywriter) and Caitlin Biller (Junior Art Director) have been awarded Gold for their Gorilla Doctors campaign proposal at the 2018 London International Awards (LIA).

At the beginning of summer, the LIA and the Gorilla Doctors set a brief – create a campaign that could raise awareness of the charity, increase empathy for the animals and offer a memorable yet easy way to donate

Almost 250 entries were received. Nine were shortlisted. Two were awarded Gold.

Annie and Cait’s winning campaign, ‘Donate Your Difference To Make One’, combined two insights. Firstly, that humans struggle to empathise with those different to them. And secondly, that humans and gorillas share 98.38% of their DNA.

Inspired by the stunning animal portraiture of Tim Flach, the team proposed a campaign that combined Tim’s photography with the headline ‘Donate Your Difference To Make One’. The copy then asked people to donate £1.62 – small change that highlighted the 1.62% gap.

Having been officially partnered only 3 months ago, the win marks an auspicious start to the team’s career together. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the pair.